Research and Data Visualizations

This page will provide an ongoing collection of citations and links to data visualizations or additional resources generated from the LGBTQ archive.

Here is a list of recorded presentations on the LGBTQ Game Archive research presented by Adrienne Shaw:

First, here is a list of publications by Adrienne Shaw and/or past research assistants or collaborators based on the LGBTQ Game Archive Project:

Second, the Brazilian game company Faísca, specifically Sofia “Milo” Utsch and Lu Bragança with additional thanks to Pedro Ramos, Pedro Caldeira, João Tenório and Bernardo Maia, built a series of visualizations of the data from the LGBTQ game archive available here. Their paper based on this project, “Queer Identities in Video Games: Data Visualization for a Quantitative Analysis of Representation” from the 2017 Sociedade Brasileira de Computação conference, is available here.

Third, and as part of his ongoing collaborative work with the LGBTQ Game Archive, Cody Mejeur, a PhD candidate at Michigan State University, has published their own visualizations of our database focused on the intersections of gender and sexuality with race and game genre. The visualizations are available here, and Cody’s write up of the project is posted here.

If YOU have used the LGBTQ game archive for research that is either published or available online somewhere, please let us know!