Resident Evil series

Year: 1996

Publisher: Capcom

Developer: Capcom

Creator: Shinji Mikami

Country: Japan

Genre: Survival horror, third-person shooter

Platform: Various

"Resident Evil 1 cover" by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia -

“Resident Evil 1 cover” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia –

Resident Evil is a media franchise that began as a survival horror video game. The main plot line for all series texts is that a virus has created an outbreak of zombies and other monsters in various regions of the world. The series moved from a exploration puzzle-based series to more of a third-person shooter game by Resident Evil 4.

LGBTQ references in this series:

Resident Evil: Code Veronica (2000): Alfred Ashford

Resident Evil: Dead Aim (2003): Morpheus Duvall

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (2012): Crispin Jettingham

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