These pages contain a great deal of added information that will help if you are interested in delving more into this research area.

Category Descriptions: Please read about our methodology here. For each of the games or game series we could find with LGBTQ content, we created pages with basic descriptions of the game/series. The relevant LGBTQ content for each of the games was then written up as a post (roughly one post for each type of content). Each post was classified within as many of the following categories as was relevant. You can follow the links below for added detail on the larger categories. If you wish to see game content for a particular category, you can simply use the top menu of the website.

Further Academic Reading: This page is an on going collection of academic writing about gender, sexuality, and LGBTQ video game content, designers, players, or related topics. If you’ve written something you think should be on this list, please get in touch.

Glossaries: Although we have endeavored to make this site as accessible as possible to people who are unfamiliar with digital games or LGBTQ studies, we recognize that the meaning of some terms we use may not be universally known. We have pulled together a list of resources to help you track down terms you may be unfamiliar with, but if you are still having trouble feel free to email us directly.

Publications: We are collecting all citations for coverage of this project, as well as our own academic publications and presentations of our analyses. If you use this archive in your own work please let us know so we can add you to this lists!