The Witcher

Year: 2007

Publisher: Atari

Developer: CD Projekt RED

Country: Poland

Genre: Action role-playing, hack and slash

Platform: PC/Mac

The Witcher

Image credit: “The Witcher EU box”. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia –

The Witcher single-player game series, developed by CD Projekt RED for PC/Mac, is based on the Polish book series of the same name by Andrzej Sapkowski. It is set within a medieval fantasy world inhabited by Geralt, one of the last remaining “Witchers” – monster bounty hunters with genetically enhanced gifts. Its sophisticated gameplay is noted for a complex system of “moral choices” that go beyond black-and-white thinking and time-delayed consequences. Operating through Geralt, users can follow three different paths. These are: alliances with the Scoia’tael/Squirrels, elf freedom fighters; the Order of the Flaming Rose, knights protecting the country of Temeria; or total independence from both sets of allies to ensure “Witcher neutrality”.

LGBTQ references in this game:

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