Cho Aniki

Year: 1992

Publisher: Masaya

Developer: NCS Corp.

Country: Japan

Genre: Horizontal scrolling shooter

Platform: Various


Box art Image credit: (Image credit

Cho Aniki (literally, “Super Big Brother”) is a Japanese side-scrolling shooter video game series. It is an example of the baka-ge (literally, “idiot game”), a subgenre of kuso-ge (literally, “shit game”). Few of the games are available outside of Japan.

The series is most well known for its surreal imagery, kitschy/campy humor, and homoerotic imagery and gameplay. The game features many muscular, nearly naked men. One of the main characters, Samons, shoots globs of “protein” out of a hole on the top of his head. Given the extensiveness of the game’s homoeroticism and its mechanics, we are listing it as a queer game (broadly). The trailer for the PlayStation game appears below.

LGBTQ References in this game: Queer game/narrative


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