NiGHTS into Dreams

Developer: Sonic Team Publisher: Sega

Year: 1996

Genre: Action

Platform: Sega Saturn, PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360


Image credit: “European Cover Art”. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia –

NiGHTS into Dreams​ follows the story of Claris and Elliot, two teens who arrive in Nightopia, the land of dreams, where Wizeman the Wicked is trying to take over. They join forces with NiGHTS, a “Nightmaren” created by Wizeman who rebelled, in order to gather energy and save Nightopia. The player can choose either Claris or Elliot as their player-character, but both will “dualize,” or merge, with NiGTHS in order to fly through Nightopia and collect energy. ​NiGHTS into Dreams​ is played like a 2D platformer but contains 3D elements. It consists of seven levels, called “dreams” (three for each child and one final level), which must each be completed within a given time limit.

NiGHTS into Dreams​ is followed by two sequels – ​Christmas NiGHTS ​and​ Nights: Journey of Dreams.​


Image credit: “​Nights flying through Elliot’s first level, Splash Garden, in the Saturn version. From left to right, the interface displays the number of orbs required to proceed, time limit, and score.​”. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia –

LGBTQ References in this game:


Reala and the Nightmaren


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