Police Quest: Open Season

Year: 1993

Publisher: Sierra Entertainment

Developer: Sierra Entertainment

Creator: Daryl F. Gates

Designer: Tammy Dargen

Country: USA

Genre: Adventure

Platform: PC/Mac



Box Art Image credit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Police_Quest:_Open_Season

The game was created by retired Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Police Chief Daryl F. Gates, and is the fourth game in the Police Quest series. The main protagonist is John Carey, a homicide detective. Real photos of Los Angeles are used as the background for game scenes. The game mechanics are also super realistic, and require the player to follow standard police procedures. In the game, the player (as Carey) is tasked with tracking down a serial killer who has killed Carey’s partner and four other people.

LGBTQ  references in this game

Cross-dressing serial killer



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