Baten Kaitos Origins

Year: 2006

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Monolith Software, Inc. / tri-Crescendo Inc.

Country: Japan

Genre: Role-playing

Platform: Gamecube, PlayStation 3

Baten Kaitos Origins

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Baten Kaitos Origins is the second Nintendo game in the Japanese Baten Kaitos series and the prequel to Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean. The action of this entry in the series takes place 20 years prior to the original Baten Kaitos. The protagonist, Sagi, is employed by the Alfard Empire within an elite unit, the Dark Service. The Dark Service directly serves Lord Baelheit. Gameplay commences as the unit is given orders to assassinate a rival politician, Emperor Olgan. Before Sagi has a chance to carry out this act, Olgan is killed by an unknown third party, and Sagi and his sentient puppet, Guillo, are blamed. Forced to flee, the duo alongside new allies must work to prove their innocence as well as reveal the true nature of Alfard’s power mad leaders. Baten Kaitos is atypical of role-playing games in that everything in the game is dependent on magical Magnus cards rather than equipping characters with weapons or selecting attack types.

LGBTQ references in this game:


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