Cursed Elements

Year: Demo released 2019; game still in development.

Creator: Sparrow Dearden

Country: Canada

Genre: Turn-based RPG, Fantasy

Platform: PC (Windows, Apple, Linux)

Cursed Elements is a fantasy RPG being created in RPG Maker MV. The dev lamented a lack of LGBT content in their favourite game genre and conceptualized a game in which most (or all) of the playable characters fall under the LGBT+ umbrella, but the game itself isn’t about the experience of being LGBT.

In Cursed Elements, a young, altruistic man is befallen by a curse while helping someone out. His new friends then decide to help him in return. They have to travel across the world to break this curse, and along the way they will encounter fierce monsters and promising companions. Meanwhile, the curse is eating away at the protagonist’s soul. Will the party manage to break it in time to save him?

As this game is a demo version, the journey cannot be seen to completion just yet. You can experience 3-5 hours of content, including sidequests.

Cursed Elements Demo is currently available here:

Content warning: This game contains sensitive and potentially triggering subject matter, portrayed only through dialogue (no explicit scenes).

LGBTQ References in this demo:


Budding M/M Romance


Sparrow Dearden, author and developer of Cursed Elements.

Sparrow is a nonbinary and gay university graduate, who tinkers with things like game developing and translating as side hobbies.