Hustle Cat

Year: 2016

Publisher: Date Nighto

Developer: Date Nighto

Country: U.S.

Genre: Visual Novel, Indie

Platform: Steam,

Hustle Cat

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Hustle Cat by Date Nighto is a single-player dating-sim that allows the player to pick between the pronouns of he, she, or they, with the option of changing pronouns at any time during the game. The game follows the main protagonist, Avery Grey, a 19 year-old staying at their aunt’s apartment while she’s gone. Avery one morning stumbles upon a shop called “A Cat’s Paw,” and begins working there. Through the events of the story, the player, as Avery, can romance any of the game’s available romance options regardless of chosen appearance and pronouns.

Avery’s color palette was pointed out by one Tumblr user to be the non-binary pride flag colors, which may be purposeful because of the game’s available usage of a non-binary pronoun (they/them).

LGBTQ References in this game:

Gender Customization and Romance Options

Graves and Nacht

Hayes’ Dads



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