Monster Prom

Year: 2018

Publisher: Those Awesome Guys

Developer: Beautiful Glitch

Country: U.S.

Genre: Visual Novel, Roleplaying, Simulator

Platform: PC, Mac

File:Monster Prom logo.png

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Monster Prom is a dating simulator where the player attempts to date one of multiple monster characters at Spooky High, a high school for monsters who are 18 and over. The player is able to select from four different player characters, choosing between he/she/they pronouns regardless of how the player character presents (allowing for trans and non-binary characterization), and plays through three or six weeks of gameplay leading up to asking a monster out to Monster Prom or asking no one. The game has many different endings with its cast of main characters to romance as well as secret endings with those characters and characters from the sidelines.

LGBTQ References in this game:





Romance Options and Queer Game Narrative


Yaoi Mentions



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