Ohmygod Are You Alright?

Year: 2015

Publisher: Itch.io

Developer: Anna Anthropy

Country: USA

Genre: Autobiographical

Platform: PC, Mac


Image credit: Ohmygod Are You Alright?. (July 12, 2017). Retrieved from https://w.itch.io/omg-are-you-alright

Ohmygod Are You Alright? is an autobiographical game and regarded as a sequel to Anna Anthropy’s famed Dys4ia. The game is based on Anthropy’s experience getting hit by a car and breaking her arm, as well as her negotiations with subsequent experiences with the medical industry and her bodily changes. Anthropy describes this game as “survival horror”.

LGBTQ references in this game:

Queer Game Narrative in Ohmygod Are You Alright?


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