Zombies, Run!

Year: 2012

Publisher: Six to Start

Developer: Six to Start

Creator: Naomi Alderman and Rebecca Levene

Country: US

Genre: Exercise, ARG

Platform: Mobile

Zombies, Run! is a Kickstarter-funded video game developed and published for iOS and Android mobile devices by Six to Start with Naomi Alderman and Rebecca Levene. It is an immersive fitness game. Players physically exert themselves running on a series of missions as directed by the game’s audio narration. Players collect weapons, medicine, and survival goods while the app records their distance, overall time, speed, and burned calories. Users may opt to play a “chased by zombies” mode – a run that requires greater speed over a shorter duration. The consquences of not hitting their goal speed are capture by zombies, forfeiting supplies, and failing the mission. Alderman conceived of the game while attending a running class. When the instructor asked the class what they hoped to get out of the class, a fellow participant joked about wanting to be “able to out run the zombie horde.”

LGBTQ references in this game:


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