Women-on-Women Make Outs in Playboy: The Mansion

More central to the game than the “gay party” option are the several in-game tasks that require the player to “romantically introduce” women to one another (this is reviewed in the walkthroughs listed below). The end result of these introductions is kissing, not sex, but as they fulfill in-game objectives they are actually much more central examples of same-sex pairings than many optional relationships in other games. The images below are from this video (NOTE: the video is posted to a porn site) of a playthrough of the objective “Hook Isha Up.” In some cases the women are framed as bisexual or lesbian, but the player can also encourage any of the female NPCs to make out (but not the male NPCs), which is why we have coded this content in the manner we have.

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LGBTQ  references in this game

Women-on-women make outs

Gay party


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