11B and 16D in NieR Automata

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16D and 11B are android women in NieR Automata. You meet 16D in a side quest called “11B’s Memento”. She asks you to locate 11B’s body and asks you to bring back her belongings. When you return you have the option to reveal to 16D that 11B had planned to desert her post. If you do, she laughs and says 11B was abusive towards her and that her death “serves her right.” If you do not tell her, she reveals to you that they were in a relationship and mentions wanting to “avenge her death” but also that she doesn’t have a reason to protect herself anymore (which some players have assumed was in reference to their abusive relationship).

LGBTQ references in this series



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11B and 16D (NieR: Automata)


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