Story Paths in Spade Memory

Image credit: Martina Tucker, 2016

Image credit: Martina Tucker, 2016

In each story path in Spade Memory, the player will have to deal with other characters invalidating Wisteria’s asexual identity. This isn’t always out of actual malice, but mostly due to the characters not knowing what asexuality is. For example, Freddy, a boy trying to date Wisteria, stubbornly insists that she is simply afraid of sex if she tries to explain that she isn’t interested in a sexual relationship, her mother assumes that she’s just being immature or slow for her age when she mentions that she isn’t interested in dating, and her friend Smiljana actively tries to push her to date people or play games that focus heavily on sexual fanservice. Wisteria can choose to simply ignore these types of comments and behavior or she can try to assert what she truly thinks, at the risk of upsetting the other character. However, each path will result in a somewhat positive ending for her.

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Story Paths


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