Queer Game Narrative in Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars


Image credit: Lesbian Spider Queens of Mars. (April 19, 2018). Retrieved from https://w.itch.io/lesbian-spider-queens-of-mars

Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars is an arcade game with a BDSM and Queer atmosphere due to the titular Lesbian Spider-Queens goal of rebuilding their pleasure palaces on Mars. The player is tasked with binding “consensual sex slaves” with magical staffs that shoot bondage lasers in order to quell the slave revolt. The half-human and half-spider dominatrix characters collect points and win by reeling in the bound sex slaves. Anthropy describes the arcade genre as having much of the storytelling take place in the margins of the game and its affordances, and Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars uses these small spaces to create a queer arcade experience.

LGBTQ references in this game:

Queer Game Narrative in Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars


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