The Slayer in Monster Prom

The Slayer is one of the NPCs in both Monster Prom‘s base game and add-on content. In Monster Prom: Second Term, the add-on content to the base game, the player may choose to take her to the Prom through her secret ending. If the player reveals Damien’s and Liam’s weaknesses to her, there’s a possibility of ending text that mentions her having an awkward threesome with the two. Also in the add-on content to the base game, there’s a conversation where Slayer will mention that she “might have a crush on one or more of them” when talking to Zoe, Liam, and Damien. She also says that Zoe looks “hot” in one event. This has led us to categorize her as explicitly bisexual.

LGBTQ References in this game:





Romance Options and Queer Game Narrative


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