Fable series

Year: 2004

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Developer: Big Blue Box Studios/Lionhead Studios

Designer: Peter Molyneux

Country: UK

Genre: Action-adventure, role-playing

Platform: XBox Consoles


Fable is a role-playing series set in the mythical land of Albion. Players control an avatar known as “The Hero.” The Hero is male in the first game, but there are male and female options in the second two games. The Heroes of games 2 and 3 are descendants of the first game’s “Hero of Oakvale.”

In the game, the player can choose to perform in a manner that makes them more aligned with “good” or “evil.” Much of the game requires the use of magic and fighting skills, but a major part of interacting with non-player characters involve conversing with them via gestures, gifts, etc.. Progress through the game also affects the Hero’s appearance.

LGBTQ  references in this game series:

All games: Sex Workers; Relationship Options

Fable II (2008): Potion of Transmogrification

Fable II and Fable III (2010): Reaver; LGB NPCs; Cross-Dressing

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