Sex Workers in Fable series

In the Fable series there are sex workers in every game, though the number of places where they appear steadily increases in the series.

In Fable I, the Darkwood Bordello is the only place where the player can find and hire sex workers, all of whom are women. It is in a very dangerous region of the game. In one quest (video below), the player has the opportunity to take ownership of the brothel and either keep it (and have sex with the women who work their for free) or turn it into a women’s refuge (and no longer have sex with the women therein). In Fable I, sex workers are the only NPCs the player can have sex with outside of marriage. A video of this mission is available here.

In Fable II and III, sex workers appear in more places in the game. In these two games, there are male and female sex workers, and all sex workers are listed as “bisexual” in their character info screens. Moreover, in both games each sex worker’s name is always followed by “the Whore.”

Players receive “evil points” for having unprotected sex with sex workers but “good points” if they use a condom (though this is only required if one of the people having sex is male). If the player-character has unprotected sex and one of the characters is male, the player-character will contract an STD. Only marital sex between a male and female character results in pregnancy.

Male Sex Worker in Fable 2 Image Credit

Male Sex Worker in Fable 2
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LGBTQ  references in this game series:

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