Mighty Jill Off

Year: 2008

Publisher: Anna Anthropy

Developer: Anna Anthropy

Country: USA

Genre: Platformer

Platform: PC, Mac


Image credit: Mighty Jill Off Screen. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://mightyjilloff.dessgeega.com/press.html

Mighty Jill Off is a platformer indie game, developed by Anna Anthropy, whose protagonist is a submissive lesbian named Jill. The game was originally released as freeware in February 2008, and was shown in the Independent Games Festival in the same year. It has been twice updated with a “Jill Harder” version in October 2008 and a “Jill Off With One Hand” version in November 2008.

LGBTQ references in this game:

Queer Game Narrative in Mighty Jill Off


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