Queer Game Narrative in Mighty Jill Off


Image credit: Mighty Jill Off Screen. (n.d.). Retrieved fromĀ http://mightyjilloff.dessgeega.com/press.html

Mighty Jill Off is a platformer indie game, developed by Anna Anthropy, whose protagonist is a submissive lesbian with a fetish for boots named Jill. Pushed off the top of a massive tower by her femme domme Queen, Jill has to climb her way back up to ultimately lick the boots of her mistress. The game plays with various queer themes, including the increasing difficulty of the game evoking a BDSM sentimentality in how the user plays it. A video play-through of the game can be viewed here.

LGBTQ references in this game:

Queer Game Narrative in Mighty Jill Off


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