Year: 2016

Publisher: Panic, Inc.

Developer: Campo Santo

Creator: Jake Rodkin

Country: US

Genre: Adventure

Platform: Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PS4

Firewatch is an adventure game (or “walking simulator”) where the player controls a middle-aged man named Henry who takes a job as a park ranger in Wyoming to escape challenges in his personal life. In the game, set in 1989, the player guides Henry as he investigates fires, deals with trespassers, and discovers a possible government conspiracy. There is no combat, and most of the game is spent walking around the Wyoming wilderness, discovering notes and objects while corresponding with another ranger, Delilah, over a radio. The narrative, which is delivered almost exclusively through radio conversations, changes based on the decisions the player makes. The game uniquely explores human relationships through a lens of isolation, as nearly all interactions in the game are over radios.


LGBTQ  references in the game:




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