Dave in Firewatch

In the game Firewatch, Dave is a lookout who worked in the Wyoming park in the 1986 season, prior to the events of the game. His backstory is revealed through notes and objects the player discovers and through conversations with fellow ranger Delilah over walkie talkie. The bulk of Dave’s narrative is revealed through a series of back and forth letters with his friend and fellow lookout Ron. Over the course of the notes and conversations, the player learns that Dave was gay and possibly took the job to get away from his family. At one point, he is beaten up for being gay at a local bar. The notes imply that Dave has feelings for Ron, who is straight and dating a girl named Debbie. Despite the unrequited feelings, Ron is defensive and understanding, and reacts with rage when he learns about Dave getting beaten up. The player does not learn what happens to Dave after he leaves the park.

A video of all of the notes and tape related to Ron and Dave is available here and screenshots of the letters are available here.


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