Ash in Streets of Rage III

One of the sub-bosses in Streets of Rage III (also released as Bare Knuckle III) is Ash, who is widely described as a very stereotypical gay character. He is dressed as a leather daddy, and wears the female/Venus symbol on a necklace.


sor3-8sor3-9 Ash Image credit

He was removed from the PAL and US versions of the game, but still accessible as a playable character through cheat codes. He is also, according to the poster of this video, one of the stronger characters in the game, though a reader commented to use that: He’s stronger and faster than any other character. While Ash makes the game much easier, his moveset is very incomplete, though.” This commenter also noted that the video above is from a Streets of Rage Remake, which “drew new sprites for Ash, and thus gave him a full moveset.”

This Wikipedia page also refers to Ash as transsexual villain, because he wears a venus symbol and games effeminate sounds. However, there is no evidence he identifies as female.


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