Lilith in Darkstalkers series

Lilith from Darkstalkers 3 was created from a segment of power from Morrigan Aensland. Like Morrigan, she is reportedly bisexual. Though this is widely reported, we have found no additional information on how this is discussed in the game.

Reportedly Mauro Murata, the game’s writer/planner, wanted her to be an “Orokonoko” or “male daughter” character. Roughly defined as men who dress as women, this is not tied to a gender or sexual identity. She might have also been an intersex character. In the end, though, Lilith was designed and released as a female character.

Like Morrigan and Felicia, Lilith appears in cross-over games and other Darkstalkers games. A video of Lilith in action appears below.

LGBTQ references in this game series:

Darkstalkers: Night Warriors (1994): Morrigan AenslandDemirtri Maximoff

Darkstalkers 3 (1997): Lilith Aensland


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