Tony from EarthBound/Mother 2

Tony is the best friend and roommate of Jeff, one of Ness’s party members in EarthBound. He is rumored to have an unrequited crush on Jeff. This is evidenced by a letter Jeff reads at the end of the game (image below is a recreation from a fan site).

After the release of Mother 3, the series creatorsaid explicitly that Tony was meant to be a young gay character. The relevant part of the interview is translated here: “Itoi: Well, for example, there’s a gay person in MOTHER 2. A really passionate friend who lives in an England-like place. I designed him to be a gay child. In a normal, real-life society, there are gay children, and I have many gay friends as well. So I thought it would be nice to add one in the game, too.”

LGBTQ References in this series:

EarthBound/Mother 2 (1994): Tony

Mother 3 (2006): The Magypsies

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