Relationship Options in Star Ocean: The Second Story

Sites we have found suggest alternatively that in Star Ocean: The Second Story, players can have a romantic relationship with any party character members, or that there is only one same-sex party member that Claude and Rena can end up with. Based on one walkthrough of the relationship combinations, it seems that whether or not the two characters end up together at the end of the game are based on relationship points. Depending on how the relationships between various characters add up, they player will see one of 87 possible endings. We should note that the writer of that walkthrough states that same-sex “couples” are “like best friends” rather than lovers. Based on these video, that seems like an accurate reading.

But then, viewing the Claude and Precis ending, this might not be that unusual.

A full list of ending possibilities is available here. Based on this list, few endings are explicitly indicative of romantic relationships (none of which appear to be same-sex pairings).


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