Setsuna, Kakurine, and Ihadulca in Evil Zone

Three of the female characters in Evil Zone—Setsuna, Kakurine, and Ihadurca—are claimed to be lesbians (here, here), but we can find no additional information on their sexuality. There does seem to be a relationship between Kakurine and Ihadulca (the main villain in the game).

Setsuna Saizuki is a playable character who has a being, Karin, who coexists with her in her body. Her childhood friend is Midori, and perhaps their closeness is what is being read as evidence for Setsuna’s queerness.

Kakurine is an ancient goddess who acts like a little girl. She is described as being both Lea’s twin sister and her lover.

Ithadulca is the main antagonist, and she is trapped in the Evil Zone. She is possessed by Lea, and some describe her as Kakurine’s lover. Others, however, note that the nature of their relationship is not made clear.

You can view Kakurine battle Setsuna and then Ihadurca here.


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