Lieutenant-Commander Kaidan Alenko in Mass Effect Series

Kaidan Alenko is a human character that goes through a change in his sexuality from the first to the third game. In the first game Kaidan is a heterosexual character who demonstrates his interest on a Female Shepard from the start. However, in the third game, Kaidan is bisexual character that can engage in a relationship with Male and Female Shepard. Such changes on a character canon caused some fans to argue Bioware decisions to expand the possibilities of romance in ME3.

LGBTQ references in this game:

Romance Options in Mass Effect series

The Asari

Lieutenant-Commander Kaidan Alenko

Comm Specialist, Samantha Traynor

Alliance pilot Steve Cortez

Nyren Kandros, Mass Effect 3 – Omega DLC

Other NPCs with possible LGBTQ references


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