Gerard and Pierre Magimel in Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Gerard and Pierre Magimel are extremely flamboyant, gay, French, twin brothers in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. Gerard sells weapons and other items from his wagon. Pierre is a tailor who makes custom costumes for the character Gepetto’s puppet Cornelia. This video shows Gepetto introducting the game’s protagonist, Yuri, to the twins (about the 19 minute mark). As payment for these creations he only accepts “Stud Cards” featuring muscular, nearly naked men.  One of these cards is a reference to Meiyuan from Shadow Hearts (shown in this video). Gerard also appears in a later game, Shawdow Hearts: From the New World, with his boyfriend.

LGBTQ  references in this game:  

Meiyuan in Shadow Hearts

Magimel brothers in Shadow Hearts: Covenant (2001)

Joachim Valentine in Shadow Hearts: Covenant (2004)

Gerard and Buigen in Shadow Hearts: From the New World (2005)


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