Telsia Murphy in Star Trek: Voyager- Elite Force

Telsia appears in both Star Trek: Voyager- Elite Force and its sequel. In the second game, she is a possible romantic interest for the player-character (PC) Alexander Munroe. This video (around 3:30) shows the culmination of this narrative and the two characters kissing. This romance is hinted at in the first game, when Telsia flirted with the PC. In that game, players could choose to play as either male Alexander or female Alexandria Munroe. As the flirting occurred regardless of the option chosen, some have cited this as evidence that Telsia might be a bisexual character (see here, here, and here). However, it is also possible that the same-sex flirting in the first game was just an artifact of coding the male PC as the default and not changing this behavior if the PC was the female character. As the second game lacks PC gender options, and the romance was much more integrated in that game, it seems less likely that Telsia was meant to be an explicitly bisexual character. Still, looking at the first game alone, Telsia does express interest in the female PC, which is why we are categorizing her as bisexual (implicit) here.


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