Binbou-gami in Devil Summoner 2

Binbou-gami is a boss demon in Devil Summoner 2. He is the god of poverty and the first Fiend in the game. The player fights him in Mannen-Cho, right before the final confrontation with Tatsumi. His dialogue when he first appears and his dialogue during his fight with Raidou have been read as evidence that he is an implicitly gay and masochistic character. The specific lines can be seen in this video, or the images below.

Binbou-gami asking to be warmed up by Tatsumi. Image credit

Binbou-gami asking to be warmed up by Tatsumi.
Image credit

Binbou-gami during fight with Raidou

Binbou-gami during fight with Raidou

At the end of the fight with Raidou, the demon says (according to this walkthrough):

“A day… To remember! It was delightful being punished… Wiith your love. Hohohohohohohoh.
I shall never forget the delicate taste of your love-punishment! I shall neeeeeeeeeeever forget!
Please, promise you will share some of your love-punishment with me again, in the future…”

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