Bill in The Last of Us

Bill is a character in The Last of Us, who is a survivor (meaning one of the few humans left struggling to continue living in their post-apocalyptic world). Bill is implied to be gay due to the way he refers to his partner Frank, the meaning of “partner” becoming clearer as we learn more about Bill’s backstory. Frank eventually decided to leave Bill and strike out on his own, but he became infected and committed suicide. Bill later discovers Frank’s body and is greatly saddened. At some point after their encounter with Bill, Ellie finds a gay porn magazine called “Bearkin” among Bill’s things and remarks “Why are these all stuck together?” in reference to the pages. This Let’s Play shows some interactions between Bill and the other characters as well as Ellie’s aforementioned discovery of Bill’s porn collection.

LGBTQ references in this game:


Ellie and Riley


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