Catherine Chun in SOMA

Catherine Chun is a character from the 2015 science fiction survival horror game SOMA. The player first encounters Catherine as a digitized consciousness inserted into a broken-down robot early in the game. Her brain scan in later inserted into a portable omni-tool, allowing her to act as a guide to the player through the game’s duration. Catherine has history with Dr. Imogen Reed, who she worked side by side with on PATHOS-II, the underwater facility in which the game takes place. Upon discovering that Simon’s consciousness is occupying Dr. Reed’s body, Catherine vaguely mentions their relationship (“She was my…friend”) before trailing off, declining to discuss the matter any further. Later on, pictures of Catherine can be found hung up in Dr. Reed’s locker, implying a deeper relationship between the two.

LGBTQ References in this game:

Simon Jarrett

Catherine Chun