Evan in Save me Mr Tako

Evan is the prince of Sarona, a kingdom known for its barbaric king and its powerful church. Tako met him in Belys as the prince has fled his country due to the actions of his father. After following and observing Tako for awhile, they make an alliance to go to Sarona’s castle in order to end the war between octopi and humans.

Along the way, Evan confesses to Tako about why he fled the country. He was raised to become a warlord but was more interested in the arts. He fell in love with his art teacher, saying implicitly that he is gay. When his father learned about it, he sentenced the man to death, and killed him in front of his son. Evan was always protected by his older sister, but when she went missing, he fled from Sarona.

LGBTQ references in this game:

City of Ydor




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