Soldier: 76/Jack Morrison in Overwatch

Soldier 76.png
Soldier 76 concept. From “Media – Overwatch,” Copyright (2019) by Blizzard Entertainment. Reused under Blizzard’s online content policy.

Jack Morrison, or Soldier: 76, is one of Overwatch’s playable characters. He was founder and head of Overwatch during its height, but was presumed dead in a fight with co-founder Gabriel Reyes. Afterwards, he took on the identity of Soldier: 76 to fight off the grid against Overwatch’s previous aggressors. His abilities involve superhuman speed and various stolen Overwatch technology. In the short story Bastet (2019), it was revealed Jack had an ex-boyfriend named Vincent. Michael Chu, Overwatch’s lead writer, later confirmed he is gay.

LGBTQ references in this game:

Tracer/Lena Oxton

Soldier: 76/Jack Morrison

Moira O’Deorain


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