Ishara in Moonrise

In-Game screenshot submitted by Developer, Natalie Cannon

Ishara is a werewolf with the seeming powers of a god in Moonrise. She is a romanceable butch trans lesbian character, and the game states she is black and Jewish. Depending on the player’s choices, it can be revealed how she lost her arm. Other characters describe Ishara as the most beautiful person they’ve ever seen as well as the most powerful. Over different runs of the game, Ishara uses her powers differently, but in all scenarios it is noted that she puts the “super” in supernatural. It is almost impossible to comprehend her true might, and an attempt can have disastrous results. In contrast, Ishara’s personality is very human: she is kind, motherly, and emotive. Struck by wanderlust, she loves traveling, hearing stories, and laughing at jokes. Her werewolf form is even bipedal.

In an homage to the werewolves of tabletop games everywhere, Ishara’s powers and backstory are modelled after the lycanthropes and clerics in Dungeons & Dragons. The freeform nature of character creation in tabletop games allows for almost unparalleled LGBTQ representation.

LGBTQ References in this game:

Alice Emilia Devonfort

Chika Itou


Player Character

Queer Game Narrative

Rosario de la Cruz


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