Alice Emilia Devonfort in Moonrise

In-Game screenshot submitted by Developer, Natalie Cannon

Alice changed the player character into a werewolf in Moonrise. She is a young, black, demisexual, and bisexual woman, though her bisexuality is only revealed during certain choices. It is implied she is also British. Still in secondary school, Alice is desperate, and she turns to the player character for help. The player character can choose whether or not to provide Alice safe harbor. Alice’s past is very mysterious and a tertiary plot thread of the game.

Alice is a werewolf with little loyalty to the Masquerade or the Rogue factions, and she follows whichever faction the player chooses. Her presence as a character is partially inspired by the daughter character Amanda in Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator.

LGBTQ References in this game:

Alice Emilia Devonfort

Chika Itou


Player Character

Queer Game Narrative

Rosario de la Cruz


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