Max Caulfield in Life is Strange

Max Caulfield is the playable protagonist of Life is Strange. She is also mentioned in Life is Strange: Before the Storm and Life is Strange 2. In the first game, the player can choose to have her romance Chloe Price or Warren Graham (or neither). Although these relationships are determined by the player’s choices, various parts of the game seem to hint at Max and Chloe feeling a little something more than friendship.

A page on the Life is Strange Fandom Wiki lists different moments throughout the game that hint at romantic instances between the two. Developers have stated that their relationship depends on how players play the game and view it, but certain comments in Max’s journal show that she develops some sort of feelings for Chloe, as well as a general disinterest in Warren.

In the Life is Strange comics take place in the timeline where Max decides to save Chloe and Arcadia Bay is destroyed. The two continue to be romantically involved.

LGBTQ References in this game series:

Life is Strange (2015): Chloe Price, Max Caulfield, Rachel Amber

Life is Strange 2 (2018-2019): Arthur and Stanley Petersen, Finn McNamara, Jacob Hackerman, Sean Diaz


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