Finn McNamara in Life is Strange 2

Finn McNamara is a character in Life is Strange 2. He is a possible romance option for the player character, Sean Diaz. Regardless of if the player chooses to romance Finn, Finn is pansexual and makes flirty remarks towards Sean. Confirmation of his sexuality as well as the flirty remarks can be seen at various moments in the Episode 3 dialogue such as here:

  • Sean: So… would you consider yourself bi or… or…
  • Finn: Horny. I see people, not gender. It’s all good… long as I get some.
  • Cassidy: Looks like Sean is a little curious!
  • Cassidy: So what about you?
  • [Player Choice]: Some boys are cute (Sean is sober)
  • Sean: I never really thought about it… I find some boys cute, but… Yeah, I haven’t actually thought about it.
  • Finn: Oooo, what’s your type?
  • Cassidy: Jeez, give him a break, master player!
  • Finn: I’m joking! He knows I’m cute.

Finn is the same-sex romance option for Sean Diaz but his romance route has been critiqued for having less content, including a lack of a sex scene while Cassidy has one. In a video from Stop Me Oh on YouTube, she reads a statement from DONTNOD and Square Enix that reads as follows:

There are two different romantic paths for Sean in episode 3. However, you may have noticed that these paths don’t each play out in the same way. Sean can potentially have sex with Cassidy, but he may only share a kiss with Finn. This is primarily because Sean has always thought of himself as straight and hasn’t had the opportunity to question his sexuality before. When we meet him at the start of Life is Strange 2, he is taking relationship advice from Lyla, is interested in Jenn and is trying to figure how he is going to “score” at the party. But on the other road, Sean is still learning about who is he. The environment about the drifter community leads to an openness and blurring of lines regarding labelling and sexuality which allows Sean the freedom to question these for the first time. Depending on the players choices, Finn represents Sean’s first step in exploring his sexuality and with this in mind his interactions with Finn are understandable more cautious.

In the comments of a Reddit thread that cites this statement, Reddit users compare Sean and Finn’s relationship to Max and Warren’s in the first Life is Strange game, calling it a secondary relationship to the game’s main relationship. Users also critiqued the game not allowing the Finn kiss to happen unless Sean agrees to partake in a heist/crime, which can also be read about here.

LGBTQ References in this game series:

Life is Strange (2015): Chloe Price, Max Caulfield, Rachel Amber

Life is Strange 2 (2018-2019): Arthur and Stanley Petersen, Finn McNamara, Jacob Hackerman, Sean Diaz


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