Same-Sex Relationships Controversy in Tomodachi Life

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As Tomodachi Life centers around the relationships of players’ Mii avatars, romantic relationships are part of the game’s core. However, when the game was first localized, it was assumed that same-sex relationships for male characters would be included from screenshots and material that looked to have two male characters engaging in seemingly romantic/intimate activities. A statement from Nintendo cleared up the game’s inclusion of same-sex relationships, detailing it had been the result of a glitch, as well as from female-gendered characters wearing male clothing and appearing as male. The company then patched the game and confirmed that there were no same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life.

This decision resulted in controversy and anger from players over the erasure of same-sex relationships. To combat the exclusion, some players bypassed the problem of not being able to pair their same-sex Miis by changing the gender of one of the characters to allow for relationships to take place. This is talked about more in a Kotaku article by Patricia Hernandez.

Nintendo released an apology, stating that it could not make a post-ship patch, and would be more inclusive if a sequel comes out in the future.

LGBTQ References in this game:

Same-Sex Relationships Controversy


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