Not another homosexual! in Dragon Warrior III

Dragon Warrior III features a sexual activity called puff-puff. The name is allegedly based on the Japanese onomatopoetic term “pafupafu,” which refers to a woman rubbing her breasts in a man’s face. Occasionally, non-playable female characters ask the (male) playable protagonist to engage in puff-puff, which he can accept or refuse. If he refuses, female NPC’s react differently. According to one review, in one case in which the player refuses the puff-puff proposal, the woman replies: “Hmph! What?! Not another homosexual…” (Princess Gwaelin at Inns, Coffins, PUFF PUFF, Wellgarth Inn, 2012).

LGBTQ  references in this game:

Gay bar

“Not another homosexual!”


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