Relationship Options in Bully

In the game Bully, the player-character Jimmy Hopkins can romance non-player characters. Some of these optional romances are part of specific in-game plot lines, all of which are with female characters in specific cliques. In these cases, Jimmy has to do specific things to earn the girls’ affection (a list can be found here).

In addition to these pairings, after passing his first art class, Jimmy can kiss any female students if he gives them the right gift (though this page says he can only kiss non-clique girls, and this page says he can kiss any girls in his age group). There are eight girls he can kiss. Kissing results in a health bonus for Jimmy, and the more art classes he passes, the more of a kissing bonus he gets. Billy cannot kiss any of the younger girls in the game, and the only adult he can potentially kiss is Mrs. Lisburn after he runs an errand for her.

In addition, Billy can also kiss one boy from each clique in the game, 6 in total. Players can do this by talking to the boys until the “thumbs up” button turns into a bouquet (allowing Jimmy to give the boy flowers), and then lips. The character pages for all of these NPCs on this wiki indicate that they are all bisexual but the reason for that assertion are not always given.

Kissable boys (clique):

Cornelius Johnson (Nerds):

Vance Medici (Greasers)

Trent Northwick (Bullies)

Gord Vendome (Preppies)

Kirby Olsen (Jocks)

Duncan (Townies)

Comic store owner Zack Owens (He is available only if added to free roam via hex editing, though the kissing animation is reportedly the same as that for the female NPC Eunice Pound and the ability to kiss him might be a bug from the fact that he is “rigged to the same skeleton” as Eunice).

A video showing all of these same-sex romance options (except for Zack) appears below:

In the XBox 360 version of the game, players can get the “Over the Rainbow” achievement if they kiss the 6 main male NPCs 20 times.


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