Tommy in Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit

Tommy is the next door neighbor of detective Carla Valenti. He only appears once in the game, though he emails Carla and speaks to her on the phone at other moments, for instance when he gives her an important clue in the case. In the chapter “Dark Omen,” Tommy comes over to Carla’s apartment with a bottle of wine. Depending on the dialogue chosen, Tommy is more or less explicitly out as a gay man. The two dialog options for Carla below, for example, lead to Tommy explicitly stating his sexuality. Neither is required to get through the scene, however, and if the player does not chose these dialog options Tommy’s sexuality is more inferred than stated.

  • Carla: (Option: Tommy) Are you with anyone?
  • Tommy: Well actually I did meet someone two weeks ago. He’s very real and very nice. And he works in a bank too. I think this time it could turn into something serious.
  • Carla: (Option: Difference) I’m happy to see you got your smile back.
  • Tommy: We all have our ups and downs, right? I always thought people in New York didn’t give a damn about gayness. They were so enlightened. How wrong I was. They still look at us as being different from so-called normal folks.

This video shows this chapter played with these dialog options (starting around the 5 minute mark).


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