Eater in Blaze Union

Blaze Union is part of the Yggdra Union subseries of the Department of Heaven series, which as of this writing is only available in Japan. Eater is a characater in this game, who also makes a cameo in the follow up game Gloria Union. This character has a dual personality: a female one who appears during the day and a male one who only appears at night. Regardless of which personality is in control, Eater’s body is female (see herehere, and here) and the character appears in the same clothing (see image below). The male personality reportedly (see here and here) often complains about the clothes, but says it is what the daytime personality puts on in the morning so he can’t do anything about it.

This is a hard character to categorize because of the dual personalities. For now we are tagging Eater as both gender non-conforming and non-binary/genderqueer, as the character is most like characters who also appear in those categories.

LGBTQ references in this game series:

Zilva and Elena in Yggdra Union (2006)

Eater in Blaze Union (2010)

Garlot in Blaze Union (2010)

Kyra in Gloria Union (2011)


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