Garlot in Blaze Union

Garlot, whose real name is later revealed to be Gulcasa, is the main protagonist of Blaze Union (which was only released in Japan) and main antagonist in Yggdra Union (which was released in North America, Europe, and Japan). In one game path, it is implied that he has a very close (possibly romantic) relationship with Nessiah, a blind prophet.

In another ending, he is paired up with a female character, Siskeir, who is Garlot’s best friend and has long had a crush on him.

Several authors have pointed to this as evidence that the character is implicitly bisexual (see here, here, here, and here). Nessiah’s sexuality isn’t commented on in any of these articles though (thus it is unclear if he would be implicitly gay or bisexual).

LGBTQ references in this game series:

Zilva and Elena in Yggdra Union (2006)

Eater in Blaze Union (2010)

Garlot in Blaze Union (2010)

Kyra in Gloria Union (2011)


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