Sex Workers in Divine Divinity

Brothel and male sex worker Image credit

Brothel and male sex worker
Image credit

A hidden brothel in Divine Divinity contains male and female sex workers who may be hired by the main character (who players can choose to be either male or female). Head of Larian (the game’s developer) said of this option: “We’ve always been very gender neutral in the Divinity games….We don’t see ourselves as the ones making that choice for players. If players make that choice, we offer the system of rules and an environment and a world that tries to be consistent within itself” (Grayson, 2014).

brothel 2

LGBTQ  references in this game series

Divine Divinity (2002): Sex Workers

Divinity: Dragon Commander (2013): Gay Marriage Policy DecisionScarlett

Divinity: Original Sin (2014): Player Characters’ Affinity/AffectionThe Star Crossed LoversSex Workers (/“Sex” “Workers”)


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