Gay Marriage Policy Decision in Divine: Dragon Commander

The first phase of Divine: Dragon Commander asks the player to make a series of political policy decisions.  Apparently, gay rights are a major concern in ancient Rivellon, figuring into their choices at several key moments.

The second policy decision the player is asked in the game is whether or not to allow gay marriages, after Counselor Oberon (who is married to a woman) puts forth legislation “that will make it possible for gay couples to be married.”  Some of the Counselors argue against this. For example, the drawrf Falstaff refers to Oberon’s proposal as “poof nuptials,” and Yorrick, an animated skeleton condemns this “depraved ilk” for their “fornication”. A video of the advisors’ opinions is available here.

The player can decide to support or oppose Oberon’s legislation, which will affect their popularity with the elves, dwarves, and undead. It will also affect their relationship with their general, Scarlett.  If the player chooses to allow gay marriages, they will also have an option later to decide whether gays can serve in the military, or whether to enact a sort of Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell policy.

The player has several other decisions related to homophobic events in the gameworld.  The undead want to dismantle the sculpture of a famous artist who has recently come out of the closet, and an elven archduke kills anyone suspected of being gay. In both of these scenarios, the player has the option to intervene, and will lose or gain popularity with affected factions.

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