The Star Crossed Lovers in Divine: Original Sin

In the town of Hunter’s Edge in the second half of D:OS, the player may trigger a quest when they overhear a male orc and a male human flirting with each other. If the player engages them in dialogue, they beg them to keep their romance a secret: “If you’ve any mind for sparing two fellows a terrible fate, you’ll swear to keep our secret to yourself. We’ve committed no sin greater than experiencing a love as sweet and pure as any, but if we were discovered, it would mean certain death for us both.” It is not clear from the dialogue whether the punishment is for homosexuality, or because the orc and human represent opposing factions in the battle for control of the town.

Regardless of what the player promises them, the player can reveal their relationship to Grutilda, the orc leader, who will have them both killed. Doing so will cause the player-character to gain experience points, which some players have read as homophobic incentivizing (however, many more players critique Larian Studios for their liberal bias, particularly in D:DC). If the player decides not to tell Grutilda, both characters later die in an ensuing fight for control of the town.

Grutilda’s response to the relationship can be seen here.

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